Monday, November 25, 2013

Thinking More about a Personalized Learning Network

Time to think more about using Web 2.0 tools to build your Personalized Learning Network!  

First, what is Web 2.0? The Google definition is...
Web 2.0
(web to͞o point ˈō/)
1. the second stage of development of the World Wide Web, characterized especially by the change from static web pages to dynamic or user-generated content and the growth of social networking.

Second, what Web 2.0 tools could you use to build your Personalized Learning Network?
1. Twitter
2. blogs
3. wikis
4. RSS feeds
5. Google +
6. YouTube
7. LinkedIn
9. others

One or more of these can provide the perfect framework for building a PLN.   Are you already using one, two, three or more of these? If so, you are ready to move forward with a PLN.  If not, let's get you established with at least one.

For example, if you have a Twitter account (or you create one now) but you aren't comfortable tweeting yet, that's okay. Here's a suggested progression for moving into the world of Twitter....

1. start by observing, "lurking" if you will, watch/read what others are tweeting without worrying about tweeting at all
2. read about Twitter, research how to tweet or use @ or #,or ask for help (I am readily accessbile)
3. check out who others are "following" and follow them too
4. Try it....tweet one comment about what you find interesting or what you are currently reading
5. Retweet (RT) something that you find interesting or worthy
6. Encourage someone to follow you on Twitter
7. Search for (or be on the lookout for Twitter info) for leaders in your field and follow them
8. Reflect on the process

Keep your eyes open for more info on building a Personalized Learning Network coming soon!

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