Monday, September 22, 2014

Providing a Service

I have spent 32 years in education. Working with students and teachers has truly been a passion for me.   So much so, that I came out of retirement to work part-time with those students and teachers that I truly care about.  Maybe I don't consciously think everyday about what I can do to make education better for these people....and perhaps that's a good thing....that I don't HAVE to think about doing it.  It just IS what I do.  I want to serve and it gives me great joy to do so.

It is a great day for me if I can share one thing that makes the education process better for someone!

I hope that happened today.  I hope that I served my colleagues in a way that made life better for them.

Today I had the great pleasure of providing a professional development session for Cullman High School Social Studies teachers.  They were receptive and eager to try new things. I hope that they found something in today's PD that will make instruction rich and rewarding for them and their students!

Here are the resources that I shared....iPad Apps in the High School Classroom

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