Thursday, June 26, 2014

Who Choreographs Your Happy Dance?

So, when you break into your happy dance, who has choreographed your moves?  Was it you? Or....are you waiting on the actions and decisions of someone else to make you "bust a move"?  Observation yields the following: In the day-to-day of relationships, career/work, spirituality, etc. there are the people who are inventing the new moves, and those who are following the lead of someone else and....unfortunately, the wallflowers who haven't stepped onto the dance floor!

So, when it comes to life, which are you?  Are you making deliberate choices that put you in control of your own happiness? Are you surrounding yourself with others who are doing the same?  Do you find yourself in the middle of a daily line-dance of  happy, positive people? We are out there....those of us who don't wait for someone else to take the lead....heck, most times we don't even wait for the music to start...we are dancing...join us!

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